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Enabling our renewable future

Blackbird Engineering Group 

About Us

  • We specialise in providing renewable energy electrical engineering design and consultation services. 

  • We are your trusted provider for designing and enabling solar solutions. 

  • We use trusted, recognised brands and employ best practice procedures and protocols.

  • Our expertise, dedication and customer-focus are second to none. 

  • We utilise industry-leading software to deliver superior design solutions.

Our Services

Expertise Experience

Know How

Our team has the expertise, experience and know-how to meet all your business solar needs.

  • 15+ years solar engineering experience

  • Industry-leading software

  • Trusted, recognised brands

  • We have an internal Integrated Management System auditor and follow ISO 9001:2015, ISOO14001,:2015, ISO 45001:2018

  • We are fully accredited and Clean Energy Council approved

For quality, superior design and consultation services, think Blackbird.

Energy System & Electrical Design

We are the engineering design specialists. Our team of renewable energy design experts can design a solution to meet your needs  including:

  • Grid Tied

  • Off Grid

  • PFC

  • Micro Grid

  • Electrical Installations

  • Embedded Networks

Grid Connection Services

Grid connection is easy with Blackbird. We have established relationships with all of Australia’s electricity providers. And we know the application process inside-out. Don’t take a risk with your application. Let our team of experts manage the process on your behalf. Avaialble in:

Victoria, New South  Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western  Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania.

Detailed DC Design & PV Layouts

Our experienced team can provide detailed DC Design and PV Layout services to your needs.


PVSyst is the industry-leading, PV performance simulation software.

We provide detailed PVSyst simulation reports to assist with services such as financial modelling, system optimisation, performance warranty negotiations etc.

Interval Data Analysis

Interval data analysis is increasingly important for commercial and utility scale solar design to determine optimum PV system size, storage size, financial forecasts & grid integration. We combine PVSyst production data with your client's load interval data, typically 60-min intervals, per calendar year & graphical representations. 



Nearby shading obstacles can ruin a performance estimate unless accounted for. We can integrate 3D shading analysis with your PVSyst Report or drawing to provide the most accurate performance modelling available. This service also assists with system design optimisation, e.g. selecting DC optimized vs standard PV modules.

Grid Protection Relay Board

Ask our team about our custom-designed Grid Protection Relay Boards, including:

  • Standard Protection Boards

  • Custom Design Solutions

  • All PNSPs

Injection Testing & PQ Testing

Most DNSPs require injection testing for systems above 30Kw.

We can provide this to create a turnkey solution for DNSP requirements.


I got the boys at Blackbird to help with a 40kW Jemena grid approval. They took care of everything. They got the grid approval done so quickly and were really easy to deal with! | Toby Payne, 

Melbourne Energy Group

Working with the team at Blackbird Engineering was such an easy process. I highly recommend them. A very professional outfit.  | Shari Aubrey

Blackbird really know their stuff.
Fast turn around, thorough design work - overall very impressed. Will definitely be using them again. | Aaron Montague

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Blackbird Engineering Group

03 9087 0092

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