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Utility-Scale Renewable

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Preliminary/ Feasibility Assessment

BlackBird Engineering assesses the feasibility of a project by reviewing site information and producing a preliminary assessment, including:

  • Indicative Schematics (Site Layout, AC, DC)

  • System Sizing (AC & MWp) due to network and other constraints

  • Technical Assessment – Critical Network Constraints

Detail System Design

  • Solar Farm PV Layout

  • PV Mounting design

  • DC System Design

  • DC Cable Design

  • AC System Design

  • AC HV Cable Design


Power System Studies

Blackbird Engineering utilising all the major power system software packages (PowerFactory / PSSE / PSCAD) to generate high quality power system studies/analysis as required by NSPs and AEMO. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Reactive Power Capability

  • Response to Voltage Disturbances

  • Response to Contingency Event

  • Voltage & Reactive Power Control

  • Fault Studies

  • Frequency Control

  • Active Power Control

  • Impact on Network Capability

  • Power Quality

  • Protection & Control Schemes

  • System Study Report and more​

  • Dynamic Model Acceptance Test (DMAT)

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