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Commercial Solar Services 

BlackBird Engineering Group can help in the design of commercial solar systems up to 5MW

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Commercial Solar 

We are the engineering design specialists. Our team of solar systems design experts can design a solution to meet your needs:

  • Grid Tied

  • Off Grid

  • PFC

  • Micro Grid

  • Embedded Networks

Our Services

  • DC design, AC design,

  • Protection system design,

  • Protection Studies,

  • Grid connection application management,

  • Energy yield assessments,

  • Feasibility studies,

  • Arc flash assessments.

Grid Connection Application Management:


Our Engineering Team will take you through all the steps of the Grid Connection Application process, including:

  • Preliminary Connection Enquiry

  • Detailed Connection Enquiry

  • Offer to Connect

  • Grid Connection Agreement

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Concept & Detailed Design

Concept Design: Our engineers transition  the preliminary assessment into a concept design suitable for your specific site including:


  • Site Layout,

  • Engineering Design (Technology Selection, Bill of Materials, System Configuration)

  • Electrical Schematics

  • Detailed Energy Yield Reports.

Detailed Engineering Design/Services

  • Detailed Site Plans Access Roads and Associated Facilities

  • Substation and Building Layouts / General Arrangements

  • Detailed Electrical Design (DC, LV, and HV)

  • Detailed Civil-Electrical Design

  • Detail input for Civil Engineering (also Mechanical, Structural) 

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